I wanted to ask that how should I manage my time. Currently I am reading 10 pages of six different religious books on different topics. But I am only able to catch few things and if I am spending more time on learning religion knowledge I am unable to do my college work which really affect my college studies very much.

I am beginner. Can you tell from which topic I should start learning religion knowledge as I wanted to join hawza but my parents are telling me to focus on my college studies. Can you give me your opinion what I should do so that I can cope up with learning both religious and this world knowledge together?

You need to organize your time, schedule the most important things, and so on.
Don't bother reading multiple subjects, so you don't come up with a result, a stable little is better than a flying lot.
Since you are a college student, take care of your studies, and after completing your daily duties, take two cultural meals of religious studies, make it a variety, a day of faith, a day of jurisprudence (Islamic laws), a day of history, and so on, in order to come up with a good outcome.
Let your first concern be the doctrines and jurisprudence, and studying the Holy Quran, as it is the table of God, from which you get all the best.
After completing your college, you will have more time to study, and you can join hawza. There is one important issue you need to concentrate on also. That is to learn Arabic language.