I wanted to ask you a question about Salah. When we are praying, why are we saying Qul, in Surah Ikhalas. Why are we speaking directly to Allah swt to tell him you are ahad. And not just with this ayat but many other surahs. It seems in dua we are speaking to Allah swt but in prayer we are speaking to someone else

In namaz it is wajib to recite a Surah from the Qur'an. The Qur'an as well is Allah's communication with His creation and on the other hand, Dua is a form of communication of us with Allah and one of those means is namaz but for us to learn the manners of speaking to Allah, we have to again learn from Allah himself how to speak to him and He has commanded us to speak in the form as has come in namaz.

In Dua as well, while we are speaking to Allah, we are also admonishing ourselves and making clear our own status in respect to Allah and our own belief system and tawhid.