I wanted to know if doing the below is permissible :
Let’s say person A has a business wherein he purchases things online and sells it to his customers at a profit. However his customers live in another country. He thus needs to send the customers images of the products he wants to sell to them. ( based on what the customer likes , he then places an order for those products and once the products reach him, he send the products to the customers). Now the website from which he is ordering the products e.g.:Amazon, have products of the images , but these images have copyrights ( so these images cannot be used commercially). Is it permissible to send the customers LINKS of the images on google. Images on google also have copyrights (the terms and conditions say that they cannot be reused or remodified for commercial purposes). However he is not saving the images ( in his phone ) or modifying them, but he is sending the URL link directly, so that the customer can get an idea of the products.

As it was mentioned in question that it has copyright therefore without permission of the owner you are not allowed to use the images which does not belong to you.