I wanted to know the Shia viewpoint on the order/compilation of the Quran.
I know that Uthman compiled the Quran and I have heard growing up that Imam Ali AS also compiled a Quran which uthman rejected. So does this mean the Quran that we read today has been compiled incorrectly I.e uthman compiled the Quran in a different order to that compiled by Imam Ali AS?
Another opinion I’ve heard is that the compilation by Imam Ali AS and Uthman was the same, the only difference was that Imam Ali’s Quran was annotated in that each verse was explained in terms of context and direction. Is this true?

Also if uthman did compile the Quran incorrectly then what of the promise of Allah in the Quran where He promises to protect the Quran? Because if you have a book that has the order messed up then it’s been tampered with and hence not ‘protected’?

Please read this chapter of Ayatollah Khoei’s book: