I wanted to know whether the below described act counts as a sin. There is someone who worked in a company. The company is into customer experience research. So the company sends people to stores to act like real customers and then they ask these people to fill feedback forms when they return ( this concept is known as mystery shopping – basically done to evaluate how the store staff are doing their work ). So the person working in the company is in the data quality department where they are responsible of checking the feedback forms to ensure that the person sent to the store has evaluated the correct staff member/ asked the correct questions to the staff member / check whether the report is filled in correctly ie correct usage of grammar, etc. After checking the feedback forms, the forms have to be sent to the client. However, often this employee was given extra work beyond their hours and was not paid for it (around 1 hour extra work 4 times every week). Eventually getting fed up of the extra work, the employee, towards the end of the day, did not check the extra reports and sent them to the client directly. This, does this count as a sin because he did not check these extra reports. Important points to be noted are that when this issue of getting extra work was addressed with the manager, the manager said :
1. We expect you to stay back a little when there is more work load and when there is less work load , you may leave early.
– However, there are barely days where these is less work – like only 2 days a month
2. The manager also said that when you have extra work, inform us and we will reduce it.
-However on doing so there were times when the work was not reduced enough and there was still extra work. On some days when the employee informed them of the extra work, the vibe that the employee received in returned made him feel as if they (the managers and seniors) looked down on on him for this.

Your work and the number of hours have to be according to the agreement signed between you and your employer. Anything less without the consent of the employer will be regarded as a sin.