I wanted to tell you something about me which I have been doing lately. I spoke to Allah (SWT), and told him that whenever he is happy with me, to show me the number “313” through anything, whether the time, an equation, an ad or anything of the sort.

And sometimes, even if I have done nothing wrong, if I don’t see this number, I just start getting scared and stressed out that Allah (SWT) may be angry with me. Or if I see the number 616 this means Allah (SWT) is not happy with me.

What are your thoughts about it?

I don’t recommend that we make such requests from Allah. The Ahlulbayt did not teach us to make such requests. Allah has given us ways to know if He is happy with is or not. It’s not difficult to make Allah happy. We simply obey His laws.

So take out a pen and paper and evaluate yourself. Are you following all His commands? Are you committing any sins? If you have are you trying to really repent?
Are you making an effort to get rid of jealousy, arrogance and selfishness in your heart?
And so on
If you are observing what Allah wants you to observe, then He is happy with you Insha’Allah