I wants to know if a women does not go to her aunt and uncle's houses for months (they also ask her to come again and again) because her young namehram cousins are also there, does it count as qata raham ? Although she does not hate them and cares about them but only wanted to maintain her hijab and didnt wanted to talk to na mehrams? Also if a young person does not talk to his /her namehram cousins due to mustahab hijab so is it counted as Qata raham with cousins? Should we also talk to namehrams cousins for sila raham?

1- She should go, but she should wear the full Hijab and not talk too much to her cousins. She can just say salam to them and that’s it. Not going to their house when they keep asking her to is a form of Qate’ Rahem.

2- She can talk to her cousins minimally by saying Salam and being very brief. Completely avoiding them and not talking to them when they want to say Salam to her is a form of Qate’ Rahem.