I was advised to keep the name of Allah “Al Wahaab” as a Tahweez on my body once it is written in saffron. I was wondering if writing it as “Al Wahaab”, “Ya Wahaab”, or “Ya Wahaabo” is correct to gain the maximum benefit. Also, is there any benefit to writing “Ya Jaleelo” and wearing it as a ring with care and respect?

I’m not against that but rather than writing and making Tanweez if we just sit in the mid of night and ponder what does Wahhab means what does Jaleel means and ask Allah O’ Allah give me this opportunity to understand true meaning of Asma al Husna and implement it in our own life. Allah has appointed Bani Adam as His Khalifa on the earth what does it mean by Khalifa ? Who can be khalifatullah? Of course it’s our altimate goal of life but how? Only when we try to adopt these qualities in us. Otherwise if we wear hundreds of such taweez believe me nothing to happen. May Allah guide us and keep us on His path.