I was after some clarity on a couple of questions related to wudu.

1. If I pour water with the intention of wudu and then I notice that I have accidently poured it from a little under from where my hair line starts (mid part of my forehead). what do I do? can I continue with the wudu by washing from the top part of my hairline or do I have to start the whole wudu again?

2. When wiping my feet in wudu, while my foot is stationary on the ground, is it permissible to raise just my toes a little of the ground and wipe the foot from the tip of the toes to the ankle joint as long as my foot is fully stationary?

3. If I have washed my right arm in wudhu from the elbow to the finger tips in the normal way and there is one small area just under my elbow that has not been washed. Is it sufficient to wash that part only (the small area just under my elbow) and move on to wash my left arm or do I have to rewash the whole area of the arm below the missed area down to the fingertips again eventhough I have already washed this area?

1) You can either start over or use the existing water to completely wash your face by starting at the hairline and wiping downward
2) Yes, you can raise your foot or toes, as long as it doesn’t alter the wiping procedure
3) Just bring your hand above the elbow and spread the water already on your arm through the unwashed area.