I was curious to know, since Allah SWT understands and knows all languages, would it be haram for one to pray in English? Is it mandatory for one to pray their salat in Arabic or could they pray it English if it helps them concentrate and connect with their prayer and Allah SWT?

And how about converts who don’t understand or know Arabic? One of my convert friends was asking if they could pray In Arabic and English combined. They’d first say it in Arabic and then repeat it again in English.

Salat has specific method and that is to be done in Arabic. Salat would be invalid in any other language. However dua can be done in any language. No matter where we are from we all learn at least the basics of salat in Arabic and this enables us to all pray together in unity despite a variety of people coming together who do not speak the same language. The convert must learn these basics of salat in Arabic and can write them down and use their notes in salat until they memorize them. They should also learn the meanings of what they say as well in order to get that connection through their salat.