I was going through some videos of different sects and in one sect i got a "daleel" for ya ali madad being forbidden. He said that if Mola Ali has authority of helping and you ask him, then why dont you ask angels like Mikael, Jibrael and others to fulfill their role, like if we want rain then why dont we ask angel mikael as he also has authority of doing rainfall?
After this context, is it still appropriate to say ya ali madad?

Then why Omar said 70 time if Ali was not there he would be perished” Why didn’t he ask from angels to help him?
For sure Allah (swt) has give authority to his closest Wali eg Prophet Ibrahim (a.s), he called dead birds and they became alive (Quran), Prophet Isa (a.s) giving life to dead one.
All the ompanions of Prophet (saww) used to take his Wudhu droplets in Madina as a blessing.

Also Prophets and Imams are greater than Angels.
Angels did Sajdah of Adam (a.s) by the command of Allah(swt). Can anyone show if Allah has commanded any human to bow-down to any angel?