I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions regarding umrah mufradah.

1) If somebody has performed umrah mufradah and come back to his home city. if he becomes certain that he made a fundamental error in his tawaf of umrah that invalidated the tawaf e.g. realised he didn’t perform the correct number of rounds or some other reason but he performed saiy, taqseer and tawafun nisa correctly, what is his state? is he considered still in the state of ihram in his home country and his wife is haram to him or not?

2) If somebody performs umrah mufradah but due to suffering from doubts and out of precaution is it permissible for him to perform all the acts of the umrah e.g. tawaf of umrah, saiy, taqseer, tawafun nisa and then appoint a friend to perform the tawaf of umrah and/ or tawafun nisa on his behalf while he is still in makkah?

1. This will depend on the type of error. Regardless, your wife is not haram to you, nor are you in ihram
2. This is not necessary to do so given they have already performed it