I was listening to a lecture, and a sayyed said, that the house in which songs are played, the prayers made in that house won’t be answered, Angels won’t enter the house, and other things will happen.

If my mother listens to music, and I tried telling her to stop playing music, but she continues on playing music. Will my prayers no longer be answered too? Will I have these side effects too? And if she continues on playing music, what do I do? Do I leave the house? Or try and not he in the house when she plays music?

1- The hadith says “bayt” which means room, not a house. So those hadiths apply to music being played in that room. If you are in a different room, Insha’Allah you won’t be affected

2- These hadiths mean that the Barakah/blessings in such a house will be less. The prayer is technically valid. So don’t worry about your prayer being invalid even if you are in the same room.