I was listening to a lecture and he said that "Allah cannot [does not?] make 2+2=5 because this is a contradiction against reality. It is not a matter of power."
Can you please explain why this answer makes sense? Mutahhari also says that Allah is bound (binds himself?) by justice because justice is a reality.

I thought the answer was that because Allah must necessarily be all wise and all intelligent that he does not do things that are illogical because this would be against wisdom

1-When we say that Allah Almighty cannot do this thing, it is not a deficiency in him, but because this is not verifiable, because it is impossible, his will is not related to him in the first place, and it is like creating a partner, another creator, just like him, because he will be created, and this characteristic is not applicable to Allah Almighty.

2-When Shaykh al-Mutahari said that Allah Almighty bound himself by justice, he wants to deny his inability, without looking at the cause of wisdom, the subject of wisdom is taken for granted.