I was reading an interesting part of Sistanis website and I came across this fatwa

Ruling 845. If a person’s body or clothing has not become bloody but on account of moisture reaching the blood it becomes impure, he cannot perform prayers with it even if the area that has become impure is less than the size of a dirham.

I was wondering if you could possibly explain what this means? I understand the other fatwas under this but this one I am confused about

Basically it means for the Dirham rule to apply, it has to be blood itself. If it’s water mixed with blood, or moisture that blood made najes and this moisture got on your body or clothes, then the Dirham rule doesn’t apply. Another example is let’s say milk. This milk became najes because of blood. If less than a dirham of that milk comes on your body, you cannot pray with it. The Dirham rule doesn’t apply here.