I was reading the commentary of Surah 17 v1 from Mir Ahmed Ali's and he said that Imam Ali was with the Prophet throughout during the mi'raj. This is the first time I heard if it . Is this the view of all the learned ulama from the Shia faith?

Me’raj (Accession) of Holy Prophet(saww) has different philosophy and logic. No doubt he (saww) is the last Prophet and the seal of prophecy, his accession has many proofs and logic behind it therefore if we say Imam Ali (a.s) was with him we have to give same proof and need anyway I also did see that Imam Ali (a.s) with him in the night of Me’raj but what we have in traditions is that In many hadiths narrated by Shiites and Sunnis, it is stated that the Messenger of God (PBUH) saw the face of Ali ibn Abi Talib in the heavens and when he asked Jibreel, he replied: Because the angels of the heavens were eager to meet Ali (AS). God Almighty created this angel in the form of that Imam, so whenever we become eager angels to meet Ali ibn Abi Talib, we come to see this angel.