I was reading through q & a on sistanis website about mascara and other things women can and can’t wear and two words come up that I’m not sure how to define.

“Question: It is normal these days for a woman to put on mascara and make-up, wear rings, necklaces and bracelets for beauty and then go out in front of people in the markets and streets.
Answer: This is not permissible for her except for collyrium and rings provided that she is safe from falling into forbidden activities and does not intend by it to excite non-mahram men.”
What is collyrium?

The other word used is antimony:

“A woman is allowed to use antimony (kohl) on her eyelashes and wear rings in both hands, provided that it is not intended for drawing lustful attention of men towards herself and that she is confident of not getting into a haram act. Otherwise, it is obligatory on her to cover [the eyes that have kohl and the hands with rings] even from those who are mahram to her.”

Collyrium is like an eye wash, but I do not know the details. Antimony (kohl) is like a dark/black eye liner