I was recently (3 months ago) approached by a boy (a friend) for marriage who had asked permission for his mother to speak to my mother. We are the same age (22) and just graduated. From what I have judged in the past two years, he is a decent man, staunch lover of Ahlulbait and of good character. But since he has just graduated he is currently jobless. I spoke to my parents about it and told them that I was interested in the proposal. The boy intends on starting his job from February. But my parents (rightly so, I suppose) got really angry as to why would he send a proposal when he doesn't even have a job. I tried to make them understand that Allah is the provider of rizq and if he has a good character they should atleast give it a chance. But they have completely refused. For one other reason that his Father has an influential job. Due to one bad experience in the past they are afraid that influential people like these can turn out to be a nuance for you and they are not good people. Furthermore, the inquiry about the guy or his family is not readily available; which is another reason they aren't taking any interest. I had suggested they read istekhara, but they refused saying you can't read istekhara unless you've put in efforts yourself to inquire first and haven't gotten any response.
Where I understand their concerns as my parents but I genuinely like the guy and would like to make things halal with him.
Can you please guide me through this?

You must be aware that Islam has given the full right of guardianship to a father to make important decisions in life for his daughter, specially when it comes to marriage.
You may have seen many right qualities in the spouse that you have selected for yourself but your father is not wrong to want to find out about the boy and his family.
Remember, it is only to your benefit and advantage that he wants to inquire more about the boy.
This is due to his experience and concern that he has for you.
It doesn't hurt if you have to go out of your way and get all the necessary whereabouts as to how you can go about the process of finding out about the boy and his family.
If at all there are some things that your father doesn't like about his family and you can handle them, convince your father or even take some assistance from your close relatives who are able to talk to him. Let them remind him that your choice for spouse selection is done with the right criteria and Alhamdulillah the boy will soon start his job and able to support you financially also. If the marriage transpires and he is supported by his parents for a while, there's nothing wrong with that as long as there is no forbidden act.
If all this is not possible at all, and he is confused after trying his best, then you could go for an istekhara and see the outcome.
inshAllah if he is the right man for you, everything will happen in its right time and place with your prayers and efforts.