I was watching the lecture you gave about the Psychology of The Arrogant, and you mentioned that people who like to always be praised tend to be arrogant, and that it’s one of the traits we find in them, and it caught my mind.

I wanted to ask you Sayyed, I’ve been previously doubted by close family and friends, that I would not succeed in my domain. I don’t mind them thinking this way, because everyone at the end of the day has their own opinion, but sometimes, I tell myself that when I succeed inshAllah, I want to show them indirectly that I did succeed and I proved them wrong.

Does it make me arrogant?

No I would not say that this makes you arrogant. We all like to be praised and to have others see our success. Who doesn’t? Arrogant people are those who demand praise, they get upset it they are not praised, and they give it too much importance. Humble people like to be praised too, but it’s not one of their concerns. Whether they get praised or not, they do what they have to do. Their motive is to serve Allah. If others don’t praise them, they don’t make an issue out of it.

It’s ok for you to indirectly want to show them your success. That doesn’t make you arrogant. But don’t be too concerned about it, and don’t let it bother you. That’s how you maintain a proper balance.