I was wondering about the basis of Islamic principles.
1- We are involved in business and we were expected to strive hard or longworking hours in order to be successful. At the same time, the time we will spend in ibadah(additional pray, reading alquran etc)will be going lower down due to more time spend for working outside. People say we have to strive hard for success and my problem is my thinking for dunia and akhirat must be balance and in this situation the condition does not match. Can you please give some advice.
2- People also said repetitive failure in some business need more hard work, and I go back to the question about the additional ibadah going to be difficult to do. In Islam the principle of striving hard for dunia is there like what people around us are thinking?

Hard work in it self is ibadat, if you are working to make your life better, and to help your family, and also paying your dues as zakat and khoms etc, provided that this does not effect your mandatory ibadat (wajib prayers, fasting…etc).