I was wondering how a person can really concentrate on Allah swt in salah? Like what should we think about in our minds. For me my mind wonders off but then I try to get it back to Allah swt. What is the solution to this?

There is no magic solution for this, but there are some steps to be followed in this regard:
1- When a person intends to pray, he must get prepared for that, and put before his eyes that he is about to stand before the King of Kings, and work hard not to open the cage for the bird of the heart to let loose and have fun.

2- One of the things that may be useful in maintaining this is observing some of the desirable things that require the presence of the mind, that the worshiper does not close his eyes during prayer, and focus his eyes while standing on the place of prostration, and during kneeling to between his feet, and when prostrating to the tip of his nose, and when sitting between the two prostrations and for the tashahhud to his lap.

3- To work hard – if the concentration goes away from him – to recover it quickly, and to bear in mind that the accepted part of the prayer is the one carried out with coming to God Almighty.