I was wondering if buying material goods such as wallets made out of leather from animals (with the exception of pigs) that have not been killed in a halal way permissible for purchase?

(Q.32) Muslims in Europe buy [and wear] shoes, belts and other garments that are made of leather. It is possible that the hide used in manufacturing such goods come from unslaughtered animals; the other possibility is that it could have been imported from Islamic countries, or it could belong to animals that were Islamically slaughtered here, in Britain for example. Do we consider such leather products tahir on the assumption that they could have been imported from Islamic countries or slaughtered here by Muslims, though such possibility is somewhat remote?
If the possibility is so slim, constituting 2% for example, that certainty is derived from the opposite, it must not be relied on. Otherwise, there is no objection to assuming that it is tahir. Allah is All Knowing.