I watched the video you sent me on Tawassul and I was just wondering if possible you could show me the evidence in the Quran or hadith about Allah giving the Ahlul Bayt and RasoolAllah the blessing of Tawassul for us and how it differs from the Quraysh who make idols and took them as intercessors. If you could explain the statement that’d be great.

1- Allah is the creator of the universe and the king of the universe, and He manages everything. However, Allah has created a system, and many aspects of the universe are managed by the representatives of Allah. One example is angels. In numerous verses the Qur’an talks about angels executing different tasks, such as taking our souls (see Sura Nazi’aat), sending down punishments, sending down revelation, being the keepers of Hell, doing istighfaar for us, bringing down the rain, and so on. Does God need these angels? No He doesn’t, but He has assigned them various tasks for a purpose—to honor them and also to show His greatness. The Prophet (s) is higher in rank than the angels. Allah has also given him tasks. The angels obey him. In 4:59 Allah commands us to obey Him, the Messenger and the guardians (we believe they are the Ahlulbayt based on solid evidence). In essence, everything must obey these 3, including the angels. So they have power and authority in the universe.

2- In Sura Namls verse 40 the Qur’an tells us that the one who had some knowledge of the book was able to do something supernatural. He teleported the huge throne of that female king from Yemen to Palestine within a blink of an eye. How did he do that? He had some knowledge of the book. Well, the Prophet and his family have the full knowledge of the book. See Ra’d 43. With such knowledge they had the greatest authority in the universe.

3- The idols have no power. They are useless rocks made by men. And the pagans would worship them. They believed they were gods. This is shirk and kufr. Allah never gave these idols any authority or power, nor can they be worshipped. With the Prophet and His family, Allah has given the knowledge and power, and the power of intercession. And we don’t worship them. We believe they were slaves of Allah. Wo obey them and respect them but we don’t worship them.

4- Allah is very clear that He has given Shafa’a to some. See 2:255. Who are those whom he has given permission? Please let me know. Also see Taha 109. Who has permission?

By the way, the video I sent you was only about Tawassul. We have shafa’a which is more important. Please see this video on shafa’a:





Please see these if you have time. I mention all the Qur’anic verses with their references