I watched your video on YouTube about “does god have a personality”…You said that God doesn’t have emotion and that when God says he loves and hates certain individuals it’s not the emotion of love or hate that God feels but it’s the consequence of his will that shows his emotion.

Question I have is what evidence do you have that God doesn’t experience emotions? Also this shook my worldview because I do good deeds to seek God’s pleasure and now you made me doubt if God loves me and I’m just doing good deeds for rewards and I don’t have a creator who loves me and is watching over me with care and is pleased with me.

1- We have hadiths that state God doesn’t have emotions. Secondly, emotions are effects of having a physical dimension—we have hormones in our brains for example that make us feel emotions. Emotions are reactions. Allah is above such limitations. No such reactions take place in Allah, otherwise he would be in need.

2- The point of the video wasn’t that we should work for rewards only. Of course we should work for Allah’s pleasure—but Allah’s pleasure isn’t like our human emotions when we feel pleasure. It’s much greater than that. It’s an amazing status that He gives us. But Allah doesn’t have feelings—you limit Him if you say He has feelings. So yes he cares about us, but not through feelings and emotions. It’s through other spiritual ways.