I wear an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitoring sensor on my body. The pump needs to be changed every 3 days and the sensor every 6 -7 days. Can I keep both on during the wajib ghusl or do I need t take them off? It is quite cumbersome to replace the sensor because I have to recharge it, then insert it and then calibrate it which is something i have to do every 6-7 days but if I need to take it off before that then I will have to do these steps and throw away the sensor and put on new one. The Medical supply company sends me exact amount based in 90 days supply so if i change the sensor before the 6-7 day time range, I will run out of it before the 90 days.
However, the insulin pump which gets replaced every 3 days can be changed more easily.
Please advise me what to do for wajib ghusl.

Yes u need to remove it for the Ghusl and wodhu when ever u are able to without any difficulty and hardship.
However when ever it becomes cumbersome and causes hardship then you can perform tayamum instead of Ghusl and instead of wodhu.