I wish to know what it means to be a believer. How can I keep myself away from fading in this worldliness? Though believing in the unseen is the key, how does one find this path that he's supposed to walk on? What is this path that we're supposed to walk on?

1) What I want is to recognise this creator
2) Get an idea of the purpose of my existence
3) Find a way to attain a connection with him,
4) I want to know what he's like but not through touch, smell and vision.

1- To recognize Almighty, it is enough to look around you and see all his creatures, and the accuracy in every thing around you.
You can also listen to how he described him self in Quran, surat Anur, verse 35 ( Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth).
2- The purpose of your existence is mentioned in Quran, surat add-Dharyat 56 (And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me).
Allah SWT created us to know him and worship him.
3- You can connect with him through sincere prayers, reading his book carefully, and you will find the light in your heart.
4- This is not possible.