I work as a Freelancer on a online marketplace. I sell 5 star Reviews on Trustpilot.com.

From my view things that could be haram in this way, 1. Its being fake indirectly cheating and decieving other people who will buy from the companies I am writing 5 star reviews for. 2. Breaking the law of the website. Trustpilot.com 3. Use of multiple fake accounts which I am using to write these fake reviews. I explained it to be halal in this way (I want to know if my thinking is right or wrong), 1. I only wrote 5 star reviews for companies that are legit and offers good quality services. I always check all that before writing 5 star reviews for their business. In that case when any customer who is buying from company is getting the same service I mentioned in my reviews. So, I am only promoting them not faking. 2. Regarding point number 2, I have checked their policies and the reality is they do not remove all fake reviews. Clients message me that they are only getting my service because trustpilot doesn’t remove fake reviews and that is harming their business. 3. For point number 3 I am not sure if it is haram or not.

1- If there are fake bad reviews ruining the company’s reputation, and you are writing good reviews simply to counter those fake reviews and give a realistic and true image of the company, that is permissible because it is not considered deception or lying. However, you cannot lie in the review by saying “I used this product” if you didn’t. Rather, you can say “This product is a great product because…”

2- But if this violates the policies of Trustpilot.com, then it would not be permissible because when you made an account with them, you clicked to agree to accept their policies. Using their service without their approval would be a violation of the contract with them. And many scholars would say that this is not permissible. Yes some scholars say if what you are doing is legal in your country (not illegal) then it’s ok