I work for a bank in a non-muslim country and my job is to manage and enhance and support a system which customers use to apply for car loans. The system is a loan application system where customers fill out all of their details and provide their details, expenses, income and the system will perform credit checks on the customer to make sure they can repay the loan. It will also give them a quote.

This bank receives a significant amount of its income from fixed interest charges on the car repayments that they collect from their customers for example they charge fixed interest percentage on their loans but also do receive a halal portion of money such as administration, account maintenance and early closure fees. All the loan payments that the customer pays are fixed for the life of the loan so there is no increase in payment during the life of the loan as all interest rates are fixed so instalments do not change.

95-96% of the customers who repay the loans and pay the interest charges are non-muslims so the interest income is primarily sourced from non-muslims.

Can you please confirm if the income that I receive from my job is halal?

may Allah(swt) reward you

As per S. Sistani, as long you are not involved in loan approvals, you are in the safe side.