I would like to ask if it is permissible to do tayammum instead of ghusl janabah on the basis that one finds difficulty in doing it i.e it takes a long time (about an hour) and results in a lot of water being wasted.

Also, can one do tayammum due to shortage of time in the sense that one becomes junub in the night and does not have the time to do the ghusl in the morning before going to work. Thus the fajr, zuhr and asr prayers become qadha and the maghrib and isha prayers are delayed until the ghusl is done.

What would the rulings for these two situations be?

The criteria for having to replace ghusl with tayammum is circumstantial, it cannot be applied as a general rule. Thus, if there is some unbearable difficulty or harm due to ghusl in a particular circumstance then tayammum might become permissible. There are six criteria mentioned by the marj’a for this. As far as shortage of time is concerned, it must be that performing ghusl would cause you to miss your prayers (being on time) because the time remaining is too short – then tayammum would be permissible. This does not apply to the time being too short for work or other daily duties.