I would like to ask regarding the Ruling Number 442 from book of laws of Ayatullah Sistani.

It states that, 'On the days that the bleeding stops, in between the days of hayd, the obligatory precaution is that, one must do the things that are obligatory for a non-haid, and refrain from that which is unlawful for a haid.'

If you could please clarify this statement. What is obligatory for a non-haid, includes daily wajib prayers. Hence, does she need to make qadhaa for the daily prayers during these days that fall in between the Hayd? However, it also mentions to refrain from what is unlawful for a Haid?

In this particular ruling, since it is written obligatory precaution, it means there is permission to refer to another marja. If you refer to Ayatullah Wahid Khurasani or Ayatullah Khamenei, the days in between where bleeding stops is counted as part of Haydh. Hence there is no need to do qadha of Namaz. It is also not necessary to do ghusl and pray.