I would like to ask the morality behind the women of war ( infidels) being owned and given to men ( they are allowed to have sex etc). I am disturbed by this knowledge hence wish to understand. Doesn’t this make it seem like women being objects or properties of men and can be *owned* ?! Please help me understand this. Doesn’t Islam treat war captives fairly and not humiliate them etc

The issue of prisoners of war is not an issue specific to Islamic law, but it is found in all divine laws. If you review the Torah with its covenants, you will find the issue of prisoners of war, slaves, and slavery in its details. Rather, you will find that the provisions there are very harsh, as males are separated from females, and males are killed, and virgin females are taken as concubines, while non-virgins are killed. You can refer to the sources and read the rulings on slave girls and slaves in the Torah. Whereas in Islamic law, we note the necessity of being kind to the captive and the slave girl, and treating them well, and the inadmissibility of attacking them. We also note that Islam took slavery as a means to teach the slave and slave girl the values ​​of Islam, and put in place many ways to liberate the slaves, while ensuring a decent life for them after liberation. Our problem is that we do not read, but we repeat the saying of the enemies of Islam who try to undermine Islam by every means, and hide their shame. I am satisfied with this amount, and you can review what the whites did to the Africans in Europe and America of the types of enslavement, where they used to kidnap people from their homes and children from their mothers, and put them in cages and abandon them to Europe and America, while Islam did not allow enslavement except for the infidel warrior.