I would like to know what the name Sireen means, I found this meaning online I want to know if it is correct
Sireen is a non-Arabic name. It is the name of the sister of Prophet Muhammad's wife Marria al-Qibtiyyah. She is aunt of the Prophet's son Ibraheem, and wife of Hassaan ibn Thabit, an important companion of the Prophet (saw). This is the reason why it is used by Muslims.
Is Sireen a decent name to name a baby? I really love the name but I also want to give my daughter a good name

Maria,( ماریه) who is considered by some to be the daughter of Simon, was converted to Islam by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Prophet chose her as his wife and married her sister Sirin (سیرین)to Hassan Ibn Thabet, a famous poet and writer, who had a child named Abdul Rahman. Mariya, who may be the same name as Mary, is from the Qibtiya tribe in Egypt and therefore she is known as the Mariya Qibtiya. In the description of Mariya, it has written: She was a good white woman with curly and complex hair,” which astonished the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Mariya Qibtiya was highly regarded and respected by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). She was the second woman among the wives of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after Hazrat Khadija (PBUH) from whom she had children, and this is the feminine sensitivity of some of the wives of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) like Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr, and Hafsa, the daughter of Umar, openly envied her and accused her of jealousy.
Meaning of Sirin as it is non Arabic word and derived from Greek which means a “water mermaid”, which is called a nymph, which we describe as a human and half of it as a nymph.

You can give this name to you child its meaning is not bad but not also very good. Also if you see the history you will find Hazrat Mariya has been praised about her nobility and character amongst the wives of Holy prophet (saww) but history has not mentioned much more about Sirin”.
I personally always recommend to all my Family and relatives and friends please keep you child’s name after Ahlul Bait ( a.s) or Prophets (a.s) names. There are many more titles and names discussed about Lady Fatima ( a.s) and Lady Zainab (a.s) you may choose one of them. That would be better.
Imam Masum (a.s) has said parent have duties towards their children and the first and very important one is to give them good names.