I would like toclear a few misconceptions i have about God

1) if Allah is all knowing and knows the future why does he test us? Isn’t testing only for what you don’t know?

2) God is omnipotent and omniscient, so it is said he created human in a perfect form. Than why is it thatEVERY single male has to undergo circumsission that changes anatomy, as if God didn’t know how to finish the job.

1) Allah does not test us because he wants to find out an outcome, he tests us so that we (his creations) understand and know the outcome. For example, if you approach a very good teacher he or she will be able to identify the student that will get 90% and the student that will fail before handing out an examination paper. Does that mean that the teacher should fail a student before the student attempts an exam? No, the student is given a chance to prove the already known outcome to the teacher.
2) It is important to note and understand that “perfection” is subjective – its definition can differ for different people.
For example, a particular dish may be the most perfect dish for an individual, whilst the same dish might be too spicy (imperfect) for another individual. In a similar way, what we as humanbeings often consider to be imperfections are not imperfections from the point of view of our creator! As he mentions in the Holy Quran, Insaan (human beings) are perfect creations and they will accordingly be assessed by Allah.
Each human being has to face distinct tests (which we often regard as imperfections), and Allah has therefore created individuals perfectly to deal with the associated challenges.
With regards to your point about circumcision, a reason behind it is so that we can illustrate our submission towards Allah. Just like when we pray Salah, we know that Allah doesn’t need it – it’s for our own benefit as it keeps us closer to our Creator and enhances our spirituality. Circumcision is following the orders of our Creator, and hence is an Ibadaah (act of worship) – it has nothing to do with our Creator not knowing how to finish the job.