I'd like to ask about the timing of amaal.
For example, if 15th of shaban is on 15th of July then what is the time limit in which one can do the amaal i.e fajr to fajr of 15th shaban or magrib to magrib etc.
And is the time for amaal e shab different from the other amaal for example, can amaal e shab only be performed from isha to fajr of 14th shaban?

For the a’mal that are to be done at night, then the night is from Maghreb until Fajr. So if there are A’mal for the Night of the 15th, you can do them from Maghreb on the 14th until Fajr.

For the a’mal that are to be done during the day, you can do them any time from Fajr til sunset.