I’d like to know the ruling about reading Manga and watching Anime or Disney Movies. Here are some issues I’d like to have a clarification on, if you allow me:

1) Would it be considered haram to read a manga or watch an anime that might have sexual references or explicit scenes? Pornography is haram, but what if the manga is not pornographic nor sexual per se, but still has some explicit sexual scenes?

2) Soundtrack. Aren’t the soundtrack musics in Disney movies or Anime considered Ghina? They are for entertaining purposes. You don’t get the same vibe without soundtrack.

3) His Eminence Imam Khamenei says, there is no issue in watching cartoons in itself as long as there’s nothing haram in it (basically no explicit scenes or haram music etc.) and doesn’t cause harm. But what does "nothing haram in it" actually mean? X person killing x person is haram. Magic is haram. Having a relationship outside marriage is haram. Mangas and Animes are filled with this stuff. 99% of Mangas are fantasy, they have some sort of magic in it. Could you please clarify this?

4) Aren’t they considered a distraction from learning our Deen and focusing on Salvation? Could you define a bit more how do we define wheter something distracts us from deen or not? Tecnically all the entertainment distracts us from religion as we could learn something about it instead of doing it. I already do all the obligatory factors of my religion like salah or sawm. I refrain from sinning at my best. But I could see in all the entertainment like Mangas, Movies etc. a distraction from deen tecnically. Aren’t they so?

1. Skip the scenes and watch the rest.
2. You can’t listen to music that is used in place of entertainment.
3.if the mangas will lead you to doing haram you can’t watch it.
4. Any act that keeps you away from your religious duties or causes delay in the execution of your duties is deemed a distraction