I'm a medical student,i'm doing my internship in homeopathy,which is an alternative system of medicine in India.I have a couple of qstns,firstly i read in the books while studying islamic history ,from allama ali naqi naqvi's book that,j.qussay advised his children to always avoid drinking liquor coz even if it benefit the body,it damages the organ of intellect & destroys religious instincts and also from some scholars majlis that ahlul bayt advised their followers to resort to medications made from alcohol the least.
i was told use of alcohol in medications is permissible upto some extent,so how much is that permissible extent coz homeopathic medications are made in 90% alcohol,well when ther are useful as they dont have the side-effects of modern medicine but now with this alcohol thing i'm confused,kindly advice. coming to next qstn,i desire to study medicine in great depth,the 51/2 yr of homeopathy medicine still doesnt fulfill my goals of becoming a proper doctor for which i want to study further and for that studying i have received my admission letter from Tehran,where i intend to study Mbbs+Md,which is a 7yr course,my parents have agreed to it but since i'm 25yrs now they want me to get married but it has never being easy for them to find me a boy who agrees for marriage while i still study and now if i go to study tehran it becomes more difficult for them.
i had keen interest in gaining both islamic knowledge & medicine,i wanted to & still want to go for hawza studies to qom but i want to do this 7yr course too,i thought for both,hawza course is available online and my cousins are already studying there so i thought i can always learn from them & do self studying from books of scholars and choose to study in tehran- medicine ,coz that course cannot be done online and has age limits.
i'm not sure of completing the entire 7yr course alone,i agree to my parents in need somebody by my side in halal means & i myself dont want to land up in something irreligious but if i'm not getting a boy like this what am i suppose to do? ppl advise me i should not prioritize studying over marriage..why..islam gives me rights to attain ilm..i'm not running away from my responsibilities which i would have to take up if i get married,i know the important role given by allah to females for the upbringing of children,i know the time to plan up a family & so i feel studying for 3 more years from now while i'm marrying someone then taking a gap;planning a family,then studying again so where am i wrong in this? when islam has solution to everything why am i said what i'm asking is not possible,no guy can wait this long..is dis some islamic context that a girl should not prioritize her aim of studying & reaching that goal what she is set for her?

1- Yes riwayat about consumption of alcohol are absolutely right. Quran and Ahadith condemn the Ahadith but drinking of alcohol is different from the consumption of alcohol in medicine
Yes still there are the ruling if you can find an option where there is no alcohol nothing is better than that.
But if not then : It is permissible to use them to the extent required for treatment in case of necessity.percentage not mentioned .
At one place Aagha e Seestani may Allah grant him long life said
alcohol is tahir (ritually clean) but it is not permissible to drink it. Using perfume and medicines mixed with alcohol is permissible .
As per the ruling of Aagha :
They are pure; and since the alcohol used in them in medicine is so minute that it dissolves in them, it is therefore permissible to take them also.
Now issue of marriage and Education .
No doubt Education is very important
It is compulsory on both male and female as Rasul saw said
Aquire knowledge from cradle to graveyard.
Then when one can get married? That means marriage is not an obstacle to marriage I know there were many people male and female . In some case only one of them in few cases both husband and wife were student and they got married while they were studying and Alhumdulillah they were able to complete their education with success and they are good parents and they are giving their contributions to society by teaching in Islamic schools and weekend madersa.
I suggest you to get hugger Education but as you mentioned you are 25.do not delay in your marriage
I'm pleased to k know that not only planing to complete your medical studies but you want to study in hauza. That's great it is a nice plan. Discuss with your parents and follow their instructions