I'm always stressed and confused and end up being depressed in trying to manage deen with dunya. Problem is I'm a doctor in India and there is too much stress and competition here for specialisation exams etc. Bahot se waqt mujhe aisa lagta hai bas main yeh exams ke liye hi zinda hoon. Deen ke lite time nahi nikalta. Main kaise waqt ke imam ki qidmat kar sakta hoon. Samajh nai aata ki mera intention yeh hai ki main qaum ki khidmat kar saku specialist ban kar atleast but balance nahi milta. Sukoon nahi hai. Depression stress hai. Namaze choot jati hai. Kya karen please aap bataye?

Unfortunately we have wrong interpretation regarding Deen. It doesn’t meant that if a person is always busy with few rituals I mean with Namaz and Roza etc then only he has been called a religious person otherwise no . If you see the life of our Aimmah (a.s) you will find that how many affairs they had in their life example they had biggest responsibilities to propagate true religion amongst people at the time of worst Rulers of Banu Umaiyyah and Banu Abaas but they the same time they had to feed many poor families to and also they were working in their own farms in order to collect halal money but despite all these they were the most obedient and devote to Allah (swt).
As you said that you are a Doctor very nice you have one of best profession to serve your fellow brothers in Islam and Humanity too. So I can say you are currently doing Ebadat of Allah too by having your profession and even if you will get your specialisation in terms of MD or MS then it would more easy for you to serve but only think you keep in your mind that whatever you are doing just for the sake of Allah (swt) therefore if you can manage only to achieve your Wajibat only that would be sufficient. Mera matlab sir aapki zimmedari hai ke Wajebat ko tark na kare.
Insan baher hal Allah se rabeta rakhne le liye mohtaj hai aur jaisa ke maine arz kiya aapki studies app ka preparation sab kuch ebadat hi hai magar Namaz ek aisi ebadat hai jisse Insan apne Mabood se direct ham kalam hota hai is liye namaz kisi hal main mat chorhiye. Aur Quran main Allah ne farmaya hai ke Namaz aur Sabr ke zariye apne affairs main madad hasil karo. Is liye believe me if you continue your namaz everything will be settled inshallah. And don’t get stress for anything in this world. One day every thing will be either achieved or lost it depends if it’s in our destiny then no one can stop it to be achieved the only duty we human have in this material world is to Try. Quran says: “There is nothing for Human being but to try” so our duty is to try and don’t worry about result it’s in the hands of Allah but if we have tried will receive reward for our efforts even if we are failed in this Duniya. Is liye aap bilkul tension must len. Agar aap thora sa bhi waqt nikal kar namaz parhte hai aur koi aisa kam nahin karte jo shariat main haram hai to aap jan len aap Imam e Zamana ke sacha sipahi air followers hain. Agar aap Moharram main waqt ki kami ki wajah se majalis main nahin ka sakte koi baat nahin aap kahin tanhayee main 3-4 minutes baith kar Imam Husain (a.s) yaad karke giriya kar lete hain inshallah Imam Husain aapki madad zaroor karenge.