I’m engaged to a man I used to chat/talk on the phone with. We used to be very on/off until we got engaged. It has now been about 4 months that we got engaged and my mom is starting to address some concerns. My mom noticed that my fiance does not bring any gifts when he comes to visit. He lives 3 hours away and visit us on the weekends. She says that she is concerned he might be stingy because he always comes empty-handed. He brought me a gift once but that was after I told him that i had gotten him one. I am very anxious about getting married to him because of this. Even though I feel like there is no other for me and I am really attached to him. My mom says that this might be a sign that he might be stingy. My brother always brings gift for his fiance and when i see that I think to myself, why doesnt my fiance do the same.

It is highly recommended to bring gifts according to the Holy Prophet saww. Islam is a beautiful religion. Gift can be as beautiful as a rose. Maybe you can talk about the beauty of Holy Prophet saww and his characteristics on how loving and kind he was when he visited people. We cannot judge him by saying he's stingy so you may need to go out shopping for groceries and find out more how he deals with buying and making payments. Use your best akhlaq as examples