I’m in need of help. Lately I’ve been finding myself feeling disconnected when it comes to spirituality. I don’t feel like I’m being honest when it comes to my relationship with Allah. Alhamdullah I’m trying not to lose faith, I do my daily obligatory salat and I keep praying to Allah to guide me but I feel so empty when doing these things. I used to pray salat al-layl (namaz e shab) and read dua aba-hamza Al thumali everyday, and I used to read the recommend duas of the weekdays. But all this has stopped. And I don’t like it, but something in me just feels so disconnected. And I would like to get beck to doing all these things. I just don’t know how and feel like I don’t have that energy or will to be honest. What’s your recommendation? How does one that’s in my position change? I want to get back to reading the Quran like I used to but something is holding me back. Any advice would be greatly helpful.

Please do not loose hope in Allah's mercy.
Has anything changed in your life recently in terms of your spirituality? Best way is to get some time out on reflections and pondering. Give yourself time to think and meditate atleast 10 minutes a day, focus on your breaths, silence the mind. After Salaat recite istighfar and ponder on how to return back to Allah swt. InshaAllah, Allah swt will open doors for you