I'm reading duas but I still feel I am stuck, have this burden over me which I can't seem to shake it off. I wonder how can be more open and have this amazing bond with Allah and have this trust beyond a shadow of a doubt .

I want when everytime things don't go my way I don't freak out and ask Allah why is this happening to me.
How will I do better? What can I do so that my prayers are answered. How can I be satisfied with what I have? I procrastinate half of the time and cannot and I am not able to do important work.
I want to change that all.

What can I do more to know my duas will be fulfilled

1- Have a daily planner and plan every hour of your day. Make sure you have something scheduled for every hour of the day. This helps a lot with procrastination.

2- Know that Allah sees what we don’t see. He sees millions of factors. Sometimes if He doesn’t respond it’s because He knows what’s good for us. He does answer our prayers, but sometimes He gives us something better than what we asked for. Or He chooses a better timing for us. Now we don’t know all those factors. But we know one thing for sure: God is the manager of the entire universe. He created it. He knows what He is doing. Let is trust Him. He is the most merciful.

3- Regardless of your past, Allah forgives. He accepts. Always have hope in that.

4- Always remind yourself that you are an actor in a play. Allah is the director and the observer. This helps with lashing out. Know that you will be put in situations that might instigate you. So always be prepared like an actor who follows a script.

5- I recommend saying La ilaha illaAllah 100 times a day, taking a deep breath each time. This does wonders.

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