I'm suffering very badly from taharat najasat waswas and my life has become hell. I'm unable to use english toilets, unable to take bath as I feel water falling from my body on walls of washroom is najis. I'm not using any wet items made in india as I feel for sure it is touched by kafirs. I won't wear leather products purchased from UAE which is written made in china or made in italy or made in brazil or made in portugal.

A- With regard to the toilet:
1- If you did not see any najasat on it, you can treat it as tahir.
2- If you are confident that it is najis, as long it is dry, and your body is dry, no need to worry, because najasa transfers through wet bodies only.
B- With regard to the bath:
What you are doing is meaningless. The water is tahir. Do not let Satan make your life miserable.
C- With regard to the wet items, and leather products from non Muslim countries, we also do not use them.