I've always been fascinated about our marjas (may God prolong their life and keep them safe ameen).
I wanted to know that what is the highest level of sprituality or spiritual power they reach when they become marja? Can they see people's sins as well when they talk/look at them?
Ive heard about ayatullah qazi tabatabai that he was high in spirituality and his spiritual powers and that he had the ability to vanish from one place to another, is it true? Can our marjas comunicate with our beloved imams like imam Reza a.s and other masoom imams? Did Ayatullah Bahjat also had some spiritual powers gifted? Like can they talk and see our present imam mehdi atfs?

Our Marjas no doubt are of high level of spirituality. Their closeness to Allah is unique and always felt by those who visit and sit next to them.
People of high spiritual level are made to see things in their real sense by Allah. This includes an opportunity to see the Imam of our time.
Agha Qazi and Agha Behjati were no doubt of different level.