I've been confused on what to do after I finish my high school. I'm 17 right now and after my school I'll be joining university and I'm passionate about science and medical but I want to study Islam and have that as my major, so I'm planning to do both in Iran but I dont know if I'll be able to keep up with both the subjects as I want to study deeply into both simultaneously. Also in the future I want to preach islam with scientific knowledge all over the world especially in the west. I'd be grateful if you guide me on this.

It’s great that you have the interest to deepen your Islamic knowledge. May Allah bless you for that.

I recommend you take online Hawza classes on a part time basis. That way you deepen your Islamic knowledge and also pursue your academic studies. Then later in the future if you had the opportunity to go to the Hawza and spend a year or two to get the Hawza experience and take higher level studies that would be great.

Several years ago we established an online seminary and I would encourage you to consider taking some of our classes.