I’ve been trying to avoid any bughz, keena , jealousy or feeling of inferiority to stay in peace and make my heart clear and pious and busy in the remembrance of Allah almighty but I’m not able to eradicate it from my heart.
Please tell me a way to clean my heart from every negative emotion for others and to keep it in peace. Tell me how can I maintain my self esteem and kindly do tell how to control the inappropriate Nafsani wills.

What you describe is the challenge of every believer, this is because there is a God-instilled innate drive for improvement. Unfortunately, love of worldly possession makes us covetous and it lowers our pursuit of higher things like spirituality. Thus, try to minimize the value of your own worldly possessions, especially by not giving them importance when you see them with others. Ponder on the lives of the m’asoomeen and remind yourself that true success will be in the next world. Finally, increase your recitation of the Holy Quran and supplicate and remember Allah constantly. May He give you guidance and success