I’ve few questions related to day to day life that is not very important but very important.
Since it has been taught to us not to talk too much, spend your words wisely etc But if we’re in somebody’s company or we’re with group of people do still we need to be formal?

I mean like can we laugh at things if it’s not including gheebat or providing hurt to somebody or without making fun of anybody can we crack jokes or something like that? Or still we need to be formal? What is good according to Islam?

Another thing is like one doesn’t want to show off but want to spend more and more money on Azadari of Imam Hussain without doing riyakari then is it right?
Like if somebody who’s distributing biscuits in the name of Imam Hussain and now wants to distribute something more good or expensive without bringing show off in heart is it right? Like it is said that one should save the money and give it to yateem or miskeen etc ?

Laughing and joking is not haram
If you are not doing Ghubat or listening and that word is not hurting anyone and lie is not involved then jayez.
Helping needy people is very good thing but spending money in aza and ziyarat and Tabarruk itself is very important. Therefore discipline the balance of all sides.