I’ve heard it a lot from Sunnis and I’m sure that we have the same belief on this but I wanna confirm. Sunnis say that RasoolAllah Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said it’s better for us to get stabbed with iron needles than to touch a non-mahram. Is this hadith true? Also if a non-mahram goes to try to hug us or try to shake hands with us then is it permissible if it’s our aunty or cousin? If not then how can we prevent such engagement.

I have not seen this particular narration but inshallah these following should give some clarification

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as) said “Those who look at a non-mahram woman with an evil intention and fill their eyes with this sight (that is they look for a long time) Allah will, on the day of Qiyāma fill (pierce) their eyes with burning rods. They will continue in this way till Allah completes the hearing of the cases of all the people. Only after that will He order them to be thrown into Hell.” (Greater Sins by Ayatollah Dastaghayb Shirazi)

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as) said “There is no man who is not to some extent guilty of fornication. The fornication of the eyes is the evil glance, the kiss is the fornication of lips and touching a non-mahram woman is the fornication of hands.” (Greater Sins by Ayatollah Dastaghayb Shirazi)

The Holy Prophet (s) said; “The wrath of Allah is very severe upon the married woman who apart from her husband sees another non-mahram man with a prolonged glance. When this woman does this, Allah the mighty invalidates all her good deeds and does not give her any rewards.” (Greater Sins by Ayatollah Dastaghayb Shirazi)