I've see a couple of Akhbaris use these traditions to insult the Maraja and scholars:



This one is Mursal, but still seems pretty scary

How do we respond to this?

Any particular reason why alot of Marjae or scholars don't do it? Like are there traditions against it?

1- There is no doubt that it’s Mustahab to have the hanak of the turban under the neck/chin.

2- Narrations indicate it’s makrouh not do that especially in prayer and when traveling.

3- Many scholars today, and I have personally seen them, do practice the hanak. Not all of them, but many maraje’ do, especially in prayer.

4- Makrouh can mean less reward. It’s mustahab to wear a turban, and with the hanak the reward is greater. Without it, the reward is less.

So it is a common practice among scholars even today, though I admit it’s less than before. There are no traditions against it. It’s just that over time, turbans began to be wrapped in a firmer way, and opening the hanak makes the turban loose, so possibly to avoid having to keep wrapping it frequently many don’t open the hanak.