If a married man had relation with married woman who hasnt been physical with her husband for almost 5years . After divorce can the person marry her? A sin was committed and both are very repenting to that but in the heat of time it just happened but now they want to be toghether legally. Any advice on this please !

الجواب: ١ـ حرمة المزني بها ذات البعل علي الزاني حرمة مؤبدة تبتني عندنا علي الاحتياط، فان تم الرجوع في هذه المسالة الي فقيه آخر ـ مع رعاية الاعلم فالاعلم ـ وافتي بالحرمة فلابد من الانفصال من دون حاجة الي الطلاق وان افتي بعدم الحرمة يبني علي صحة العقد، وان لم يتم الرجوع الي الغير فلابدّ من رعاية الاحتياط بالانفصال مع الطلاق.
S sistani dz says
If someone commits unlawful intercourse with a married woman then it is not permissible for him to get married to her after her divorce from the first husband based on a precautionary measure, that means if some one next in level to the level of knowledge of s sistani dz permits such marriage then they can refer to him in this issue, and if no one permits such then they both should be separated immediately through a precautionary divorce.