If a person has been working in a banking job in a non-muslim country, earning a salary and living normally and then to his surprise he is told that although his salary may be paid to him from lawful money but his job at the bank is actually unlawful as it entails working in usury transactions directly and he did not know that his specific job was unlawful until now.

He is now really stressed out as he has been working there for 7 years, he has gone to hajj during this time using the salary and now has savings from this job. He understands he has to change jobs now but can you help with the below questions:

1. Since the salary income is lawful as the bank generates income from both interest as well as income from lawful means, what is the status of his savings that he has made from working in such a role? can he use this money to purchase food and clothing?

2. Is his hajj valid seeing that he used his salary from this job to pay for the whole trip?

3. Can he continue to pray using the clothes he has purchased with the money?

Have you been paying khums?
If the earnings are entirely halal then there is no problem in any acts of worship (as long as khums was taken out on it), even if his job entailed haram transactions.