If a woman has converted to Shiaism and is removed from her Sunni household as a result, is the permission of her father necessary for marriage?

Secondly, as a result of her conversion, she is going through difficulties and is unable to face them without someone to speak with. Unfortunately, what this means is she has to present personal problems to me, and I am not comfortable with having to listen to them, since I am not sure about whether listening and giving counsel to a woman is acceptable. Is it permissible to marry her without her father's consent in this case as well? I find this complicated especially since she has expressed suicidal intent as a result of the recent hardships she has faced at home, and I do not know if this is a circumstance that warrants lifting the rules of modesty to ensure that her mental health is intact

1- Yes. Except if there is no valid excuse for his refusal, like because you are Shia.

2- If she is not able to get his permission, as mentioned above, she can marry without his permission.